What is the Entourage Effect?

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The Entourage Effect is the synergistic manner in which every cannabinoid and terpene contained naturally within the plant work together to produce the best possible results. When any of the cannabinoids and terpenes stand alone, they aren’t nearly as effective as when combined together.

Harness the Entourage Effect with Full Spectrum CBD

Only a true Full Spectrum CBD product will offer you the Entourage Effect, CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD products will not offer you the Entourage Effect.

Imagine an orchestra’s musical instruments such as the saxophone or drums, they sound great on their own, however, when the saxophone and drums along with other musical instruments in the orchestra play together, it produces a cohesive sound that is more harmonious than any instrument by itself. In short, the Entourage Effect is the Perfect Team!

The fabuleaf™ Difference

At fabuleaf, we only sell Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD products.

All have 3rd party lab testing results showing exactly what’s in the container so you can feel comfortable and confident knowing exactly what you are getting.

Terpenes & The Entourage Effect

Terpenes play an important role in the Entourage Effect, for example,

  • The terpene, Linalool which is found in lavender is believed to promote calmness and reaction effects.
  • Limonene found in orange rind and juniper is believed to provide stress and anxiety relief.
    • The combination of the terpenes Linalool and Limonene combined with the cannabinoid Cannabidiol is being examined as an anti-acne treatment.
  • Myrcene is a fairly known terpene found in mangos and lemongrass and it is believed that this terpene promotes calming effects.
  • Terpinolene found in lilacs and nutmeg is believed to have uplifting effects.
  • Pinene is a terpene found in pine needles, basil and rosemary and it may be useful for inflammation or anxiety.

Clinical Research Studies

It was previously believed that CBD isolate was more effective than Full Spectrum CBD, however in 2015 this theory was debunked by a published clinical research study titled “Overcoming the Bell‐Shaped Dose‐Response of Cannabidiolby Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol“. This study is from The Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology, The Hadassah Medical School, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Hebrew University, Department of Medicinal and Natural Products and the Institute for Drug Research.

The research found that test subjects who were administered with Full Spectrum CBD were provided with higher levels of relief compared to subjects administered with CBD Isolate. In addition, the study results showed that Full Spectrum CBD provided enhanced effects with higher dosages, while the effects of CBD Isolate maintained consistent with increased dosages.

Another good study that depicts the benefits of a Full Spectrum CBD product is from a neurologist named Ethan Russo, M.D. In his study titled “Taming THC;potential cannabis synergy and photocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects“.

Dr Russo details how cannabis compounds influence each other’s mechanisms, and he’s not just talking about the relatively well known CBD-THC tag team, even small amounts of terpenes and other cannabinoids can make a big difference versus a CBD isolate.

These examples only scratch the surface of all the possible beneficial synergies Cannabinoids and Terpenes can offer.

There are many, many published clinical research studies on CBD. Published clinical research studies have been conducted all over the world at Medical Schools, Universities and Hospitals. Even the FDA is conducting studies on CBD which is new in 2019 because of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill also known as The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.