Traveling With CBD This Summer: Here’s What You Need to Know

In a recent Tripadvisor survey, over two-thirds of Americans (67%) are organizing to travel this summer.

Since the global pandemic, it was almost impossible to travel and, this summer is a reflection of how there’s an eagerness to get back to normalcy and explore new places.

But when most people are packing their suitcases, they wonder whether or not traveling with CBD is legal or illegal?

Unless you spend your time learning the different regulations on CBD and travel, you’re never going to know what is right or wrong when you’re flying with CBD or driving across state lines with CBD.

But do not worry. 

Many CBD users face these same struggles; however, the ones who travel safely know CBD travel laws and regulations. In this post, find out if it’s okay to travel with CBD.


Can You Travel With CBD Products?

Traveling can be stressful and anxious to most people, and to reduce or help with such stress and anxiety, CBD is becoming crucial for some people to have at all times. Most travelers are always confused about the legality of traveling with their CBD products. They are afraid that they might get arrested.

This fear is real, but first, let’s explore CBD’s legal status. Is it legal or illegal and what do the authorities say about it?

The 2018 Farm Bill made CBD derived/extracted from the hemp plant federally legal in all 50 US states. These CBD products must also have less than 0.3% THC. Also, the hemp plant was announced as an agricultural commodity, so licensed farmers can plant and cultivate it.

The hemp and marijuana plants are the two forms or varieties of the cannabis plant. Hemp is classified as having higher CBD content and less THC content levels. It is the plant that reputable CBD brands use to manufacture their CBD tinctures and CBD topicals.

Marijuana is the most popular and well-known plant because it has high levels of THC, the compound associated with getting you high and low CBD levels.

CBD is non-psychoactive while THC is psychoactive. So there is no high or euphoria associated with CBD but, THC will get you stoned.

Therefore, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, while marijuana-derived CBD is still illegal to utilize unless you are in a state where marijuana has been legal such as California and Colorado.


Flying Domestically With CBD

In terms of traveling, flying with CBD is an immense puzzle to most consumers of CBD. You don’t want your luggage to be seized and put in cuffs by custom officers because of a CBD product you are carrying. CBD can be helpful with jet lag which is associated with insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and nausea; this is why more people want it while boarding a plane.

Fortunately, you will reap these benefits of CBD because The Transport Security Administration (TSA) changed its stance/policies, allowing CBD products with <0.3% of THC on board. 

traveling with CBD

It only applies if you’re traveling domestically, so if it’s a flight from California to New York, it is okay to have your CBD oil with you.

The new TSA policy stated that products or medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are legal as long as it is produced within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018 (2018 Farm Bill).

Therefore, when packing your bags, you do not have worry about bringing your hemp-derived CBD product along. You may place it together with your lotions and shampoos. Have it in its original packaging and be honest about having a CBD topical or CBD softgel.

Also, a few things to keep in mind, having the CBD product Certificate of Analysis (COA) printed out and with you is a great idea. A reputable CBD brand should have it on its website, or you can ask for it. The importance of this certificate/document is that it proves your product is hemp-derived and the CBD and THC content levels are legal, according to the lawl. It also shows the product has been 3rd party tested by an independent laboratory.


Driving With CBD Products

What happens if you are driving from one state to the next while you have CBD oil? Is it too much of a risk, and is it a possibility that you can get in trouble if you get pulled over?

Although under federal law, CBD is legal, some state laws can have a different viewpoint. Most people assume that federal law trump state laws, but that’s not always the case. It is especially so with CBD because each state has its own policies and regulations on CBD. 

Most states allow CBD products to be utilized by their residents with few regulations, like having a prescription. But not all states are this lenient. 

For instance, in South Dakota, hemp CBD products are illegal, and only FDA-approved CBD drugs are allowed (Epidiolex) for treating epilepsy. Idaho has complex and confusing laws on CBD, which is CBD products must have 0% THC but not derived from hemp flowers since they don’t have a hemp program. 

However, you can drive through different states and not get in trouble, as long as your product is hemp-derived CBD. But it’s always crucial to learn about the state regulations you will eventually travel to.  


Traveling Internationally With CBD Products

While traveling domestically, this is what you should expect; international travel is a whole different ball game. CBD is still considered an illegal drug in most countries, and CBD-friendly countries have divergent regulations on the THC content levels.

So first, understand the laws on CBD of the country you’re visiting, and if it’s a not CBD friendly country you’re traveling to, don’t pack your CBD products. For instance, most of Europe allows CBD with THC levels of <0.2%, while the US, it’s <0.3%. Such contradictions can land you in trouble, and so be sure to always check different countries laws and know your THC levels in your CBD products.

Therefore, if your summer travel is in Europe, know that although most European countries are CBD friendly. Each country has its own specific rules and regulations. So you have to learn them first before boarding a flight to Europe.

Most African, South American and Asian countries regard all cannabis products, CBD included as illegal. Hence it isn’t advisable to not carry or travel with your CBD products.



Traveling with CBD is okay and legal in the US. That is, as long as you adhere to the laws set out by the different organizations, you will enjoy your travels. 

Yes, CBD may help you with flight anxiety, sleep issues, and relieve body aches and pain due to spending hours in a car. It’s a crucial product for many travelers, and each US state and each country have its laws on what is lawful and unlawful. 

But the ultimate responsibility lies in you understanding the laws whether you are driving or flying with CBD.


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