The CBD Farm

It’s all about the science, seed genetics, the flower, the harvest and vertical integration that sets fabuleaf™ apart!

First, The Science

Beginning with the seed genetics and the optimization of the production process, our bioscience team controls the entire supply chain from the DNA in the seed genetics through propagation, cultivation and extraction.

This allows fabuleaf™ products to deliver standardization, offering you consistent, therapeutic and effective products. This is important because you want the CBD product you purchase to provide the same effects with every purchase.

Scientist reviewing seed genetics of fabuleaf™'s Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products | The Farm
Farmer holding hemp seedling | Seed Genetics of fabuleaf™'Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products

Seed Genetics


An analytic research and development approach to breeding, genetic improvement, and production optimization is the foundation for the delivery of unique cannabinoid profiles and plant characteristics. Organically grown by our bioscience team with over 30 years experience in seed genetics allows fabuleaf™ to provide you with the highest quality full spectrum hemp flower CBD product available.

The Flower

The flower of the plant is where the trichomes are contained. The trichomes of the flower is where the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are most prominent. We only use the flower of the plant.

We do NOT use the seeds, stems, stalks or leaves of the plant in any of our products because they contain negligible amounts of trichomes and essentially dilutes the quality of a CBD product.

Fully developed flower of a marijuana plant | fabuleaf™ Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products

The Harvest


There’s really only two methods of harvesting, mechanically or by hand, and there’s a big difference between the two.

The mechanically harvest process is done with huge machines, these machines damage the sensitive, naturally occurring trichomes contained in the flower due to rough handling. The machines cut down the plant at the base, and in many cases, the harvest includes the less efficacious seeds, stalk, stems and leaves of the plant.

Hand harvesting on the other hand is a tedious process, however, it’s worth it and this is the only process our bioscience team utilizes. The hand harvest process does not damage the plant and keeps the trichomes safe and intact on the flower. Hand harvesting also ensures no seeds, stalks, stems or leaves are mixed in with the naturally occurring trichomes and flower of the plant.

The Extraction Process from fabuleaf™ full spectrum hemp flower CBD products

The Extraction Process

We hand harvest the trichomes of the Hemp Flower which contain the most therapeutic compounds the plant has to offer. (The Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids, Terpenes, & Flavonoids)

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration means the supply chain is from one single source. Like from Farm to Table in the restaurant business, fabuleaf™ products are from Seed To Sale.

It’s important to know where your CBD products come from!

From a quality control and safety perspective, you can’t get better than a vertically integrated farm. By controlling the entire supply chain starting with the seed, we are able to deliver safe, standardized and consistent Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD products so you can achieve consistent results.
Our exclusive 1,100 acre Colorado CBD farm partner is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and certified by the Colorado department of public health and environment.
Marijuana seedling | Vertical Integration from Seed to Sale fabuleaf™ Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products
Farmer moving marijuana plants into greenhouse | Vertical Integration from Seed to Sale fabuleaf™ Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products