Is How my CBD Harvested Important?

Hand harvested hemp | Is how my CBD harvested important? from fabuleaf™ full spectrum hemp flower cbd products

The answer is... YES!

Yes! There’s primarily two different harvesting methods typically used today. The most popular and cost effective method is mechanically harvested.

Mechanically Harvested

This is when mass quantities of the entire plant, including the seeds, leaves, stalks, stems and hemp seed oil, which contain no CBD or any other Cannabinoids or Terpenes are harvested by using large industrial machines.

Using the entire plant during the harvesting process is different from the term “Whole Plant Medicine”, The term Whole Plant Medicine is used to describe medicines utilizing the full spectrum of therapeutic molecules the cannabis plant has to offer.

There’s two issues with the mechanically harvested method.

First, the large machines and process strip the natural occurring Cannabinoids and Terpenes from the flower of the plant damaging the precious trichomes of the flower. The trichomes of the flower are the part of the plant that includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that result in increased efficacy.

The second issue using mechanically harvesting methods is the usage of seeds, leaves, stalks, stems, hemp seed oil and even weeds in some cases that end up in the final product, which are all inferior to the trichomes of the flower.

Hand Harvested

fabuleaf™ Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD products are Hand Harvested from the flower only resulting in a quality Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD product that you can trust.

This visual depicts the difference in Hemp that is mechanically harvested using seeds, leaves, stalks, stems, and hemp seed oil, compared to Hemp that is Hand Harvested using the premium part of the plant, the flower, and only the flower.

Collage of photos depicting hand harvested of CBD products from fabuleaf™ full spectrum hemp flower cbd products
This short video clip provides an example of what a mechanically harvest process looks like. You can see the compromise of the plant by this method of harvesting. Hand harvesting on the other hand is so much better. It does take longer, and it does require humans over machines, however the bottom line, it’s better. The machines do not have the opportunity to compromise any part of the plant when its hand harvested.
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