Is CBD Not Working for You? 5 Reasons Why This Might Happen

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You have heard all about the positive reviews and potential benefits of CBD. You become interested and decide to try a CBD product. You choose, buy and start using your CBD product type. But after some time using it, you do not feel any different and see any changes. The first question on your mind will be why is this CBD not working and, did I just get scammed?

All legit questions that can make you skeptical about CBD. And despite all the CBD hype, it is important to note that it isn’t a cure-all product. Yes, you can use CBD and, it helps in relieving pain, anxiety, stress, seizures, and inflammation. But it is not a miracle drug that can treat every ailment that afflicts humankind.

Therefore CBD may not work for you and, in this post, I will go through five reasons why this might happen.

• You Are Using Poor-Quality CBD Products.

With the rise in popularity of CBD, there is a guarantee to be a rise in scammers and exploitative brands just wanting to make a quick buck.

They will claim that their CBD products can cure different conditions like cancer which is untrue. And if you purchase their CBD products, you will find out that they are of low quality and might not even have the CBD compound.

A 2017 study investigated the labeling accuracy of cannabidiol (CBD) extracts sold online. Thus eighty-four (84) products were purchased and analyzed (from 31 companies).

Concerning CBD, 43% of products were under-labeled (36 CBD products). 26% were over labeled (22 CBD products) and, 31% were accurately labeled (26 products).

Therefore 26% contained less CBD than labeled, which could negate any potential clinical response.

The over-labeling of CBD products in this study is concerning since in 2015-2016 warning letters were sent to 14 businesses by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It was because the actual CBD content was at odds with the labeled content.

Hence this gives rise to CBD products of poor quality in the marketplace that consumers will take and not experience the benefits of CBD.

But there are steps you can take to identify, the CBD you are getting is of poor quality or legit. They include:

• You have to read customer reviews and also check third-party sites like CBD magazine. They will provide you with more info like the customer service and the quality of products offered by different CBD companies.

• Have access to the certificate of analysis (COA), which states what’s in the product and their levels. What you should look for are the CBD and other cannabinoids content levels. And is there any presence of pesticides and heavy metals?

Also, this COA is essentially a lab report. It should be, provided by an independent third-party laboratory. Therefore whether it is a CBD tincture or softgel you are interested in, each should have its COA.

Since CBD is not FDA approved, the industry is unregulated and described as the “wild west” of the health and wellness industry. Therefore it is important to always perform due diligence before purchasing any CBD product.

• You Have to Find the Correct Dosage.

There isn’t a specific dosage recommended since CBD reacts and affects people distinctly. Therefore there can’t be a one size fits all dosage for every CBD consumer.

In finding the correct dosage for yourself, you have to go through some trial and error. It is recommended to first start with a low dosage like 5-10mg, especially if you are a first-time CBD user.

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You will gradually increase the dosage until you find that sweet spot where you will experience the effects of CBD. It will involve trial and error since if you take too much or too little CBD, you may not reap its benefits and make you believe that CBD’s not working.

Finding the accurate dosage is also affected by age, gender, weight, lifestyle, and general health. Therefore if a specific dosage works for one person it does not mean that it will work for you. So take your time to determine your ideal dosage.

• You Have Unrealistic Expectations.

Many people do believe that whichever ailment is troubling you, CBD can treat it. But what you ought to note is just like any natural remedy, CBD has its limitations. Therefore it cannot cure any ailment. But may help in mitigating some conditions like pain, PTSD, and insomnia.

CBD is no miracle product. Therefore do not take it expecting all your pain to be relieved instantly. What most consumers do is take CBD once or just a couple of days. But expect it to provide relief for their condition.

If you are to experience the benefits of CBD, you need to use it consistently. Therefore do not take a few drops of CBD tincture once a month and expect your inflammation to be alleviated. So CBD is not working because you are not patient and not taking the time for daily use of CBD.

Also, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle, CBD can’t fix it. Such an expectation will lead to CBD not working for you.

For instance, if afflicted by hypertension due to obesity and using CBD to lower blood pressure. It will be futile because you have to first lose weight before taking CBD.

Hence with CBD, do not view it as a magic pill. But know what it may help you with, thus setting realistic expectations.

• You Have to Give CBD Time to Work.

Patience is crucial when taking CBD products. It is because our bodies are distinct and, our endocannabinoid system reacts to CBD distinctly too. CBD binds to the endocannabinoid receptors that are CB1 and CB2. Hence when it interacts with these receptors, you will feel the CBD effects like anti-inflammatory properties.

Yes, you can use CBD and immediately feel the effects but, this isn’t usually the case. It takes consistent daily use for about 2-4 weeks to experience CBD’s impact. By being consistent, you are giving CBD enough time to work on your endocannabinoid system(ECS).

The ECS is responsible for your bodily functions and processes like mood, memory, sleep, and pain. Therefore CBD interacts with this system to ensure you reap its benefits since the ECS plays a role in these vital functions.

If you commit to daily use of CBD, do keep a journal to track your progress and doses taken.

But if you have used CBD for several months without feeling its effects, it might be time to try another brand of CBD products.

• You May Need a Different CBD Delivery Method.

There are various forms of taking CBD products and, some of the most popular is CBD oil, softgel, and topicals.

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Therefore you might be consuming a softgel but, you feel that this CBD product is not working.

It is due to bioavailability which refers to how much CBD is in your bloodstream.

Therefore when you take CBD products like gummies, softgel, and capsules, they go through your digestive system. Your liver breaks down the CBD and, what remains makes it to your bloodstream. Thus ingested CBD has lower bioavailability since less CBD will be in your body’s system.

A CBD oil delivery method involves holding the drops under your tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing. The CBD is absorbed by the capillaries, under your tongue, into the bloodstream. Therefore CBD oil and tinctures have more bioavailability and, you will feel the results much faster.

Topical CBD like creams and lotions are rubbed on your skin to tackle the problem area like sore muscles. They aren’t the best choice for providing anxiety and stress relief. They are, utilized by athletes due, to their easing of muscle pain and sports injuries.

Hence the condition you are trying to alleviate will dictate the preferable CBD delivery method.


CBD has become a popular and sort after supplement in the healthcare industry. It’s a relatively new product but, there is genuine interest and hype about it. But unfortunately, this fascination with CBD has led some people to view it as a magic potion to all the ailments afflicting people today.

So when they take CBD products and find out that it has limitations, they will assume that CBD’s not working.

CBD is safe to use and, it will work for you if correctly utilized. But if you have unrealistic expectations, using low-quality CBD products, not allowing time for CBD to work, wrong dosage, and unsuitable delivery system, your CBD may not work.

Therefore it’s crucial to be aware that CBD supplements plus improve your health. It is not a cure for any condition. However, if you want to get the positive results of CBD, you have to be patient, take the time to find the accurate dosage and delivery system for you, and obtain CBD products from a reputable brand.

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