CBD for Gout? Does It Work?

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There is no known cure for gout and, most of the over-the-counter drugs utilized for this condition have severe side effects making them unpleasant to use.

And with 8.3 million people in the United States having gout, that is 6.1 million men and 2.2 million women. There is a search for alternative treatments. And one of the most popular cannabis compounds, cannabidiol (CBD), has the potential in helping relieve gout.

So in this post, we will run through if you can utilize CBD for gout and is research at hand to support using cannabidiol among people with gout.

But first, we have to learn more about this condition what gout is, its symptoms, and the risk factors.

What Is Gout?

It is a type of arthritis that starts in your big toe but can affect other joints like knees, fingers, and feet. It is the result of high levels of uric acid accumulating in your bloodstream. It leads to the crystallization of the uric acid which, forms in and around the joints.

These needle-like crystals around your joints lead to pain and inflammation. Uric acid is produced by the body to break down purines. They are a type of protein found in specific foods like red meat, alcohol, seafood, and organ meat.

It is the reason this condition is often referred to as the ‘disease of kings’ because it affected royalty and the wealthy. After all, they could afford such types of food.

Uric acid is expelled from your body through the kidneys by urinating. But when you consume foods rich in purine, more uric acid is produced and, the body cannot excrete enough of it quickly.

It will lead to uric acid in your blood and developing gout.

Moreover, among people who have gout attacks, 90 percent have kidneys that do not remove enough uric acid from their urine, while 10% make too much uric acid in their system.

The Symptoms of Gout

• Intense pain in your joints especially, your big toe. But it can also affect joints in your ankles, fingers, ferret, and knees.

• Inflammation, swelling, and redness in the joints that are affected.

• Limited mobility due to the affected joints and pain experienced.

You will experience these symptoms in a gout attack that occurs suddenly. If gout is left untreated, the attacks become frequent and, you will experience severe pain and swelling.

Risk Factors for Developing Gout

Your likelihood of having gout can be, increased by several factors which, include:


What you eat does influence if you will develop this disease. Therefore if you take food like seafood, liver, bacon and consume alcoholic beverages, you increase your chances of developing gout.

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This type of diet is especially prevalent in the United States today hence the rise of gout cases.

Family History and Genetics

If your family members have had gout, the chances of you developing it increase. A 2013 research review found compelling evidence that the disease clusters in families, with increased risks for people with first and second-degree relatives suffering from gout. It clusters within families, which is indirect evidence for the role of genetic factors in causation.

Also, the genetic and environmental factors do play a role in gout development. Therefore having an affected family member increases the risk but, part of the risk comes from shared environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle.

Age and Sex

Gout has often been associated with senior citizens. So it affects older persons more than children. A 2019 research showed that gout is more common in men than women, with only 5.1% of the US gout population being female. Gout typically presents later in women than men, becoming more prevalent after menopause.

Obesity and Weight Gain Increases Your Risk of Gout

A study among US adults aged 40–74 years investigated the association between weight change and the risk of incident gout over the ten (10) years from the midlife measure to the time of the study.

The study showed that if participants who gained weight had become non-obese during the 10-year follow-up, an estimated 3.2% of observed gout cases could have been averted. In addition, if the population had maintained a normal body mass index (BMI). 32.9% of cases could have been prevented during the ten years.

Also, stable obese participants had a higher risk of developing gout and, those who gained

weight from young adulthood through midlife had 1.65 times the risk of developing gout.

Therefore maintaining a normal BMI between young adulthood and midlife could have prevented 32.9% of gout cases.

Using Certain Medication

Drugs like diuretics utilized for heart failure and hypertension have been associated with high uric acid levels in the blood. Therefore it increases the development of gout.

A 2013 research review revealed that the use of loop diuretics, thiazide diuretics, and thiazide-like diuretics is associated with a substantially increased risk of gout.

Recent Surgery and Trauma to a Joint Can Trigger a Gout Attack

A 2019 study review showed that clinicians should be aware that patients with a high uric acid level before surgery may have a postsurgical gout attack. We also found that the number of uric acid changes between before and after surgery significantly increased the risk of a gout attack.

Can You Use CBD for Gout?

Yes, you can start utilizing CBD to help with gout but, it is not meant to cure this condition. What CBD will help with is alleviating the symptoms. Since pain and inflammation are the notable symptoms of gout, CBD can help with easing them.

And research does show that CBD can be effective in mitigating most gout symptoms, from pain to swelling in the joints.

A 2015 study investigated using transdermal CBD for a reduction in inflammation and pain in a rat model of arthritis.

The efficacy of transdermal CBD for the reduction in inflammation-associated symptoms in adjuvant-induced arthritic animals was, determined by comparing knee joint circumference and other features. The 6.2 mg/day CBD dose optimally reduced swelling. These results concur with previous studies showing orally administered CBD decreased inflammation.

The improvement of pain scores provided by transdermal CBD is an indirect measure of joint inflammation. Hence symptoms from arthritic animals are reduced by the application of CBD.

These studies demonstrate transdermal administration of CBD has long-lasting therapeutic effects without psychoactive side effects. Thus, the use of topical CBD has the potential as an effective treatment of arthritic symptoms.

Since gout is inflammatory arthritis, people affected by it can seek CBD as an alternative treatment. It may help reduce the swelling, redness, and inflammation that you will experience in the big toe and other affected joints.

And when it involves dealing with the intense pain associated with gout, CBD may help too.

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A 2018 study investigated cannabis and how it may help with osteoarthritis (OA). It is a type of arthritis affecting joints and characterized by pain. Cannabis has been used for millennia to treat a multitude of medical conditions including, chronic pain.

OA pain is one of the most common types of pain and, patients often turn to medical cannabis to manage their symptoms. But the majority of these reports are anecdotal. There is a growing body of scientific evidence which supports the analgesic potential of cannabinoids to help with OA pain.

There was an online survey on cannabidiol use among fibromyalgia patients. It showed that CBD was, used for numerous fibromyalgia symptoms (most commonly pain) and generally reported modest to much improvement across symptom domains.

Therefore you can use CBD for gout pain as it has been proven to be a pain reliever.

Besides utilizing CBD, you can also apply ice on the inflamed joints, drink plenty of water, consume low purine foods (fruits and vegetables), and use ginger due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Yes, you can start using CBD for gout today and, it may help and works in reducing pain and inflammation, which are the major issues with this condition.

Despite the studies not being enough, both anecdotal evidence and the little research available do highlight CBD’s potential benefits. Gout affects your toes, feet, and if left untreated, it can attack your joints from the fingers to the ankles.

Therefore it is crucial to try and prevent it by making lifestyle changes like avoiding alcohol, having a good healthy diet so as not to consume only high purine foods, and taking care of your weight.

And remember that when you are using a CBD product for gout, it is not meant to replace your prescribed medication and is not a cure for this type of arthritis. But it is a safe alternative treatment with minor side effects, unlike over-the-counter drugs utilized. Also, CBD lacks intoxicating effects. Hence you can use it without the stress of experiencing any high.

But always consult with your doctor when you are, considering including CBD in your treatment plan to ease gout symptoms.

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