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CBD for Energy and Focus: Can It Actually Help?

CBD for Energy and Focus | fabuleaf CBD

Imagine waking up refreshed, energetic, and with the clarity of mind to go after every goal you have for the day. As alluring as this scenario sounds, many people simply do not have enough energy or focus to get through the day. Caffeine may offer a short boost but what if there was a natural alternative? It turns out, a lot of everyday people, athletes, and even business professionals are using CBD oil for energy or focus.

Can CBD help with focus? Will CBD give you energy? There’s a high likelihood that this cannabinoid can offer both benefits. Let’s explore why CBD for energy and focus is growing to be a hot topic of discussion and why you may want to know more.

A Quick Intro to CBD and How It Affects the Body’s Endocannabinoid System

What is Cannabidiol

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid derived from plants in the Cannabis Sativa group, which includes hemp. When CBD is introduced to the body, the cannabinoid gets to work in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD is not intoxicating, and it does not bind firmly to the many receptors in the ECS like other cannabinoids. Instead, CBD seems to indirectly interact with the ECS by stabilizing the system’s functions.

Does CBD help focus and energy because it stabilizes the ECS? Possibly. You see, the body produces its own endocannabinoids, but endocannabinoids may not always be sufficiently produced to keep the ECS stable or in a state of homeostasis. The ECS can be responsible for everything from good sleep to how your metabolism functions, all of which can affect energy and focus.

CBD and Other Cannabinoids

CBD is not the only cannabinoid found in hemp even though it does get a lot of attention. You may know one other cannabinoid quite well: THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is obviously the cannabinoid most readily recognized for its intoxicating effects, but hemp is naturally low in THC. Other cannabinoids you can find in hemp include CBG (cannabigerol) CBC (cannabichromene), and CBN (cannabinol).

Every cannabinoid brings its own therapeutic potential to the table, and every cannabinoid works with the ECS is in its own unique way. But, even more interesting is the fact that all cannabinoids play off of each other in this fascinatingly synergistic way. This natural synergy is referred to in science as the entourage effect. Opting for full-spectrum CBD like Fabuleaf Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Softgels yields that full lineup of cannabinoids, including just a fractional amount of THC (less than 0.3 percent). The entourage effect is one of the many reasons to opt for a full-spectrum CBD for focus or energy.

CBD for Energy and Focus: Why It Works

The cannabidiol cannabinoid does seem to heighten energy and focus levels among users. But, CBD may help you feel more energetic and focused in a relatively indirect way. So far, the cannabinoid has not been found to deliver energy in a straightforward fashion. However, what we do know is the cannabinoid may yield energy and focusing power by targeting some of the issues that can absolutely rob you of energy and ability to concentrate.

CBD for Problems with Sleep

CBD Promotes Better Sleep | fabuleaf

Poor sleep or lack of sleep are both major contributors to low energy and an inability to stay focused. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can impair your memory, decision-making abilities, and attention levels. So, obviously, if you have problems sleeping, your focus can be reduced.

Lack of sleep also affects your overall energy levels because it interferes with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. The tiny ATP molecules are a bit like your internal power sources and keep the body going. ATP levels drop significantly when you are not getting the recommended hours of sleep. Another interesting fact, ATP production is most prominent during the first few hours of sleep.

CBD has been examined several times for its efficacy in aiding with sleep-related issues. Harvard Health has stated that CBD may help with getting to sleep faster and staying asleep to get better quality rest. CBD may help people who have insomnia, sleep interruptions due to anxiety, and delayed onset of sleep. With all this in mind, it is easy to see how CBD energy or CBD focus could be related to getting better sleep when taking it.

CBD for Issues with Stress and Anxiety

A common complaint among people who have a lot of stress or deal with anxiety is fatigue. Likewise, the feelings can be distracting, sometimes even all-consuming where attention is concerned.

Even though stress and anxiety are emotional responses, the overwhelming feelings can have direct stress on your physical body as well. For instance, a great deal of stress or anxiety can trigger a spike in cortisol levels. Heightened cortisol can leave you feeling completely zapped and unable to focus because cortisol forces your brain and body to utilize the energy stores available immediately.

When you are taking CBD oil for focus or energy, the CBD may help by inducing a calmer, less-stressed state of being. CBD seems to offer acute anxiolytic effects, even though the precise mechanisms for how this happens can vary. Some evidence suggests that CBD may enhance anandamide levels. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid found in the brain and is responsible for feelings of well-being. In fact, the word “anandamide” comes from a word meaning “joy, bliss, or delight.”

CBD for Pain and Discomfort

CBD for Pain and DiscomfortNo one feels energetic or focused if they are uncomfortable in their own body due to pain. Pain can stem from all sorts of problems, whether you’re injured, have an illness, or otherwise. Nevertheless, pain occurs due to some level of inflammation that affects the nerves surrounding whatever is irritated.

CBD for pain has rapidly become an evolving area of research. The cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and even antibacterial properties may help with both general and hard-to-treat types of pain.

To date, CBD has been examined as a potential aid for people with an array of different types of pain, including those as common as arthritis and those less common like fibromyalgia. Not only does CBD yield positive benefits for pain because of its ability to soothe inflammation and more, but the cannabinoid may also help with how pain is actually perceived.

How to Find the Best CBD for Energy and Focus

CBD for Focus | fabuelafIf you want to achieve better focus and potentially more energy with CBD, finding the right product is key. As noted earlier, full-spectrum CBD products tend to give you a better experience. For example, Fabuleaf Full-Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil yields a full lineup of cannabinoids and terpenes. Beyond opting for a full-spectrum product, be sure to also look for products that:

  • Have been properly tested by a third-party lab for quality, potency, and purity and offer a Certificate of Analysis
  • Are created from organically grown hemp right here in the USA
  • Have been developed from hemp and contain less than 0.3 percent THC
  • Are free of pesticides, herbicides, and created cruelty-free

Find Your Focus with fabuleaf CBD

fabuleaf full spectrum CBD products

We’ve all been there—dragging through the usual routine, zero energy, and struggling to stay focused on whatever task may be at hand. Taking a high-quality CBD product daily may be just what you need to get that extra oomph. If you are ready to try CBD for focus or energy, check out our collection of CBD products at fabuleaf. Always crafted from organically grown hemp and always offering a full-spectrum experience, our CBD is trustworthy and more likely to ensure you have a positive experience.

The information contained in this article is not intended to serve as a substitute for advice or guidance from a certified doctor or health professional. Before trying Cannabidiol (CBD) or purchasing any CBD product, you should always conduct your own research and consult with your doctor. While Cannabidiol (CBD) is classified as “generally well tolerated with a good safely profile” by the World Health Organization (WHO), more research is needed in order to fully evaluate the safety and effectiveness of CBD on a personalized basis.

fabuleaf™ products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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