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How CBD Can Help Manage Bug Bites in the Summer

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If you plan to be more active and get outdoors more during the summer months, you have to; consider using CBD for bug bites.

Research has revealed that the majority of the bite and sting injuries occurred during the summer season. And also, insects/bugs were the most frequent source of bite or sting injury that hospitals treated.

Therefore in this post, I’ll explain the common bug bites symptoms, what type of CBD is preferable in such situations, and how CBD helps?


The Most Common Symptoms of Insect and Bug Bites

During the summer, due to the warm weather, insects thrive and are more active. Some of the bugs you’ll see more that can bite are bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitos, spiders, ants, and ticks.

When such insects bite/sting, it is uncomfortable and, you will experience pain and inflammation. When it bites, the insect injects its saliva/venom into your system. Hence the immune system reacts to the foreign substances in your body by sending white blood cells to the affected area.

Although you recover quickly from bug bites using CBD and other options like an ice pack. It can lead to an anaphylactic response which is a severe allergic reaction. Therefore if you have difficulty breathing, you have to seek immediate medical attention.

There are some common bug bites symptoms you need to know. They include:

  • • Pain in the affected area
  • • Redness
  • • Swelling
  • • Itching
  • • Burning sensation
  • • Numbness or tingling

And by applying CBD for bug bites on your skin, these symptoms will be; alleviated.


What Type of CBD Is Best to Utilize in Reliving Bug/Insect Bites

How will you use CBD to ensure that you’ll enjoy the warm weather and help manage these insect bites?

There are different ways you can use and consume CBD, and there is no one way that’s better than the rest. The reason for these different ways is that people interact with CBD differently.

You can use CBD sublingual (CBD oil and tinctures) and, it’s one of the most popular ways most people take their CBD. It involves using the dropper to apply oil under your tongue. You hold the CBD in your mouth for 60 to 90 seconds. The reason for doing this is that under the tongue, its capillaries are rich. Therefore, CBD will be in the bloodstream. Holding it for that range of time ensures that most of the CBD is absorbed; through the bloodstream.

But since insect bites happen on the skin, CBD oil isn’t recommended. Hence for relief, utilize CBD topicals. They are lotions, roll-ons, and creams that have been; infused with CBD. These CBD topicals are applied to your skin, therefore, providing relief for any pain/soreness.

Therefore with the CBD topical, you apply to the affected area and rub. Rub/massage the topical firmly on the skin until it has entered the layers of skin.

CBD topicals are great because you will feel the effects immediately. This targeting of the problem area helps in providing quick relief.


Why You Should Use a CBD for Bug Bites

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for your biological processes and has two receptors that are CB1 and CB2, which are located all over your body, including the skin.

Therefore when you utilize CBD, it interacts with these receptors to help and protect the skin against various diseases and damage or injury.

The ECS’s role is to maintain homeostasis or balance and, when you experience pain and itchiness, there’s an imbalance. Therefore by applying a topical CBD; you’ll help the ECS maintain balance, trigger pain management, and address various skin issues.

A 2015 study showed that CBD has potential therapeutic benefits. That is in the broad area of inflammation where such benefits seem likely to be developed. The CBD receptor binding is involved in controlling inflammation.

Inflammation and swelling occur when you are bitten and stung by a bug. And this is usually accompanied by pain. Therefore when you rub a CBD topical on the affected area, expect the pain and inflammation to be alleviated. It is because one of the many benefits of CBD includes pain relief and reducing inflammation/swellings.

woman applying fabuleaf cbd cream for bug bitesWhen it comes to alleviating the itching, research reveals that one of the most promising roles for cannabinoids is in the treatment of itch. And in one study, eight of 21 patients who applied a cannabinoid cream twice a day for three weeks eliminated severe itching. Therefore for those who have used other medications for itch and skin disease without success, trying a cannabinoid like CBD is a viable option.

Also, another study in 2006 was; investigating pruritus, which is a medical term for itchy skin. A topical cannabinoid cream was applied on 22 patients as a new therapeutic option since pruritus often fails to respond to standard measures.

The results showed that in 14 out of 22 patients, a good antipruritic effect was; recorded. Also, the average reduction in itch was 86.4%, plus the therapy was well-tolerated by all patients.

These studies illustrate that CBD for bug bites can be used successfully and provide the necessary relief. The pain, inflammation, burning sensation, and itching will be managed and alleviated.

And if you decide to start using CBD, it’s recommended to utilize a full-spectrum CBD. It is because it has vitamins, terpenes, and all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant including, CBD and THC. The THC is less than 0.3%, as per the 2018 Farm Bill, and will not make you high.

A full-spectrum CBD is better because you have all the cannabis compounds working together for your relief (entourage effect). And when applied, it will have a better result than if you used the cannabinoids/compounds alone.

Apart from using a CBD cream for alleviating insect bites, you can utilize other remedies that can help too. It includes using honey, vinegar, baking soda, an ice pack, and even toothpaste.

Therefore your summer should not be over because of a bug bite or sting. Use topical CBD and enjoy the warm weather.



Whether you are, at the beach, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors, an insect bite and sting can make your summer uncomfortable and unpleasant. Although insect bites might seem minor, they can become dangerous if you are; either allergic or have sensitive skin.

Hence having CBD for bug bites at your disposable is crucial during summertime. Although the research is still limited, what’s available show that a CBD topical might be the best remedy in alleviating bug bites?

Therefore with a full-spectrum CBD cream, expect the pain, redness, swelling, itchiness, and burning sensation from insect bites will be; mitigated. And this cream will not only help with bug bites and stings, but it will also make your skin healthier.

By applying it to your skin on the affected area, you will experience relief within moments. Fast-acting is the main reason why a CBD cream is; advocated as a quality skincare product.

When using CBD creams, it’s vital; to first apply a small amount especially, if you are a beginner CBD user. It helps to ensure that you won’t have an allergic reaction to it.

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