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How a CBD Cream for Sports Injuries Can Help You Get Active This Summer

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Summer is here and, more people are outside and more willing to be involved in various sporting activities.

But as more people are active, they are bound to be injured; hence, there is an interest in using CBD cream for sports injuries.

In this post, I’ll share what CBD cream is. How does it work on your body, some of the most common injuries you’ll experience, and how it may help; in providing relief for sports injuries?

What Is a CBD Cream?

CBD products can be; taken orally, sublingually, and topically applied with a CBD cream.

Hence a CBD cream is a topical that is applied and rubbed on the surface of your skin

Therefore you will rub; it to the particular areas causing you discomfort.

It involves utilizing hemp flowers infused with a carrier oil like coconut oil which aids CBD absorption. The cream will also have other ingredients like terpenes and organic lavender.

When you are choosing a CBD cream for sports injuries, it should;

1.Have less than 0.3 percent of THC according to the 2018 Farm Bill

2. It must be made using hemp-grown in the USA

3. It’s free from metals, pesticides, and other impurities as per the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

4. It has undergone third-party testing by an independent lab

CBD creams are great because you’ll feel the effects immediately, but it doesn’t last that long. It is because; the cream is; applied to your skin, and it doesn’t enter your bloodstream.

They are targeting the problem area. And it helps in providing relief and is a more effective health care treatment.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is a phytocannabinoid; hence it is a plant-based cannabinoid. And our bodies have cannabinoids referred to as endocannabinoids found in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring in your body. They help with keeping the body’s internal environment performing well.

The ECS is; found throughout the body and, it helps with the various bodily functions. It is responsible for most biological functions like pain, sleep, mood, memory, appetite, and immune response. Its role is to keep and maintain homeostasis (balance) within our body.

Therefore when you use CBD, it interacts with the ECS and binds to the two receptors that are CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are in the nervous system and brain.

CB2 receptors are in the immune, gastrointestinal, and peripheral nervous systems. That is mostly skin and muscles.

A sports injury affects the skin and muscles and, applying a CBD cream will bind with CB2 receptors providing pain and inflammation relief.

But CBD does not directly interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors. What it does is stimulate the ECS to produce its cannabinoids. And the endocannabinoid does stay longer in your body

Therefore having a positive influence on; stress, sleep, and appetite hence homeostasis. So a CBD cream will help in relieving the sports injury.

Common Summer Sports Injuries

  • Knee Injuries

They are the result of overusing and overstretching the knee. It is especially prevalent during the summer months as more people are outdoors and playing football, basketball, and soccer.

woman in black shirt and shorts with knee brace sitting next to orange basketball

Such injuries may include dislocations and torn ACL. They usually take a considerable amount of time to recover and heal.

  • Sprains

It is one of the most common injuries which can happen while walking or doing any summer sport activity. It involves the stretching or tearing of a ligament. A ligament does connect a bone to another bone. Sprains are most common in your ankle but, the knee, wrist, and thumb can also suffer from a sprain.

It is characterized; by pain, swelling, and; being unable to put a lot of weight on the affected area.

  • Shoulder Injuries

When you are involved in summer activities like golf, swimming, baseball, and tennis, which involve arm use repeatedly, you are more susceptible to shoulder injuries.

It usually happens because you are suddenly more active in the summer. Hence you are increasing stress in your shoulder muscles and tendons and overusing so; you can easily injure it.

Therefore always take your time to allow your body to adjust to these new activities. Also, you’ll most likely experience pain when trying to lift the arm and swelling too.

  • Elbow Injuries

It is a result of the overuse of elbows that leads to tears in the elbow ligaments. It is common in tennis and golf. Therefore if these are your preferred summer sports activities, do not do a lot. Start slow because you need your body to adjust first.

But if you decide to, immediately take part in competitive matches after a long break. You are at a higher risk of elbow injuries.

How a CBD Cream for Sports Injuries May Provide Relief

  • It May Help in Mitigating Inflammation and Pain

As you become more active during the summer and get involved in; various sporting activities. There is a likelihood of suffering from injuries. Therefore you’ll experience some pain and inflammation as a result of; injuries and being involved in various summer activities.

It is whereby utilizing a CBD cream you’ll alleviate your pain and inflammation. Most over-the-counter drugs and products used for inflammation and pain have adverse side effects.

Opioids have been; used for pain relief, but with the opioid epidemic, they are considered dangerous. It is because they can lead to addiction.

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have been; used in reducing inflammation. But some of its severe side effects like stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and kidney and liver problems make it an undesirable drug to use.

A study showed that many NSAIDs are; sold over-the-counter. And a prime concern regarding topical NSAID use is the risk of overdosing by applying several preparations at; the same time.

Hence a CBD cream is usually preferred because it has mild side effects and does not lead to an addiction.

A 2015 study did show that CBD reduces inflammation and pain without side effects. The topical application of a CBD gel is effective in the reduction of inflammation.

This transdermal CBD reduced swelling and, there was an improvement in pain scores. Hence transdermal CBD gel application has therapeutic potential for relief of pain-related behaviors and exerts an anti-inflammation property.

  • It May Help With Muscle Recovery

After being involved in any summer sports activities, you’ll most likely experience muscle soreness. It is normal and is; a result of your muscles being; torn after an intense workout/exercise. It does lead to stiffness and soreness; since your muscles are being repaired by the body. Also, you will experience some inflammation and pain.

Some of the common ways to; alleviate muscle soreness is by; using ice packs, massage, and NSAIDs. Besides these, many athletes and sportspersons are recommending the use of a CBD cream.

Person on yoga mat with dumbbells and fabuleaf full spectrum hemp flower cbd cream

It is because; it’s effective and a better alternative to NSAIDs which can comprise muscle growth and strength.

A study did show that maximal over-the-counter doses of ibuprofen (NSAID) reduced strength and muscle in young adults. Thus, young individuals exercising/working out to maximize muscle growth or strength; should avoid; excessive consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Therefore, when using a CBD cream for sports injuries; will help in alleviating the pain and muscle tension/soreness. Hence your muscles will recover from that summer activity.

A 2020 study showed that exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) impairs muscle function and initiates an inflammatory response. Inflammation is integral to EIMD repair, regeneration, and adaptation. But excessive inflammation may contribute to prolonged muscle soreness and delayed recovery. And with CBD use, it was; reported that it has anti-inflammatory effects. There were also improvements in muscle strength and coordination. Hence CBD could potentially aid in muscle recovery.


During the summer, a lot of people are outdoors and getting involved in different summer sports activities. But as you get more active, you are a risk of getting injured. Therefore it is no surprise that there’s curiosity in using a CBD cream for sports injuries.

When you get an ankle sprain or injure a part of your body, most traditional drugs utilized to relieve the pain like; opioids are not ideal. It is because they have adverse side effects and can cause more harm than good. Thus this had led to products like CBD creams; becoming popular. And they will not affect your health negatively.

Although using CBD can help in; soothing such injuries. You must always have; stretching exercises to avoid more damage. Apart from using CBD, applying pressure on; an injury may help reduce swelling. Also, using ice packs so cold therapy can help.

Yes, a CBD cream may help in muscle recovery, pain, and inflammation from sports injuries. But it is recommended that you see a doctor after a sports injury. Because a minor injury; might become a serious; medical condition. Also, always consult your doctor when using CBD to avoid negative; side effects and drug interactions.

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