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CBD and Working Out

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CBD and Working Out

It’s the start of a new year full of hopes and goals to achieve. You have already written down your New Year’s fitness goals and are ready to take charge of your health in 2022. 

You can start by visiting your local gym and begin working out. And to avoid being some of the 80 percent of people whose New Year resolutions fail by February, you’ll need support. So this is where CBD may help you out since it can support you in achieving your fitness goals in this New Year.

Nearly one in four Americans say they made a New Year’s resolution. Amid those who plan to make New Year’s resolutions say they are more optimistic about better things in 2022.

To ensure that you’ll succeed in 2022, why not incorporate CBD into your fitness workout regimen? But how will CBD aid in establishing that you’ll accomplish this New Year’s fitness goal?

In this post, you will learn why you may want to consider CBD and Working Out. And how it may assist you in attaining your fitness goals.

May Help with Sore Muscles and Muscle Recovery

You’ve probably heard the saying, “no pain, no gain”.  We all know when we start to workout we experience sore, tight muscles from the workout. But that doesn’t mean that you allow your body to suffer. Therefore your first step is ensuring that muscle soreness and tightness is reduced and managed to avoid ditching your fitness New Year resolution.

Your body needs to recover after every workout session. When you experience pain, inflammation, and fatigue, allow your body the proper recovery time. And if your body doesn’t recover properly, you are putting yourself at risk of injury.

A 2021 study  This mini-review examines evidence suggesting that CBD has the potential to be used as a part of the strategies to recover from fatigue and muscle damage related to physical and cognitive exertion in sports.

Your body and muscles need to recover after working out. It isn’t uncommon to feel muscle soreness days after your last workout. Therefore your muscles haven’t fully recovered. And for faster recovery, CBD may be a good option..

May Help in Reducing Inflammation

When you work out, you are stressing your muscles, then your body repairs them, leading to stronger muscles. Therefore inflammation comes into play during this repair process causing sore, tired muscles for many. 

Inflammation can therefore be your immune system response to tissue damage. And it can be classified into acute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is less severe and lasts for a few days, while chronic inflammation is a prolonged inflammatory response.

So when you are new to working out and experience inflamed muscles which can be painful, you might lose your motivation and drive to continue pursuing your fitness goals.

Most people opt to use and apply ice on the affected areas, which can help but lasts for a short period. 

A good quality full-spectrum Hemp Flower CBD cream, may assist in reducing your inflammation making your muscles feel better quickly making you more motivated to get back into the gym.

A research review showed that CBD exhibited a significant potential of being utilized as novel anti-inflammatory agent.

Therefore by utilizing CBD to help with inflammation on your muscles, you’re increasing the probability of succeeding your workout goal of 2022.

May Help You Sleep Better

You cannot achieve your fitness goals if you’re always tired due to poor sleep. Therefore if you struggle with a sleep disorder like insomnia, it will be tough to accomplish your 2022 goals. 

Your performance during workouts will be affected. Also, when you have enough sleep, the brain releases a growth hormone which is crucial in building muscles. And you’ll also increase your energy levels.

Many people utilize sleeping pills when experiencing sleep issues. But these can interfere with your workouts and routines. Sleeping pills can also cause you to feel drowsy and cause a daytime hangover the next day. Such side effects will make working out seem like a burden and make one unmotivated.

An option many are turning to for enhanced sleep is CBD. Research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for insomnia relief.

Another research review concluded that a pilot study showed that a high-dose CBD was associated with improved sleep.

Therefore taking CBD might be what you need to sleep well and improve your workout performance.

May Help With Relieving Stress and Anxiety

These are normal human reactions that occur when faced with a challenge. But when you experience high levels of stress and anxiety, this can harm your health.

If you are new to working out and attending the gym, such emotions may arise and can even limit your progress. You might be anxious and nervous when around new people at the gym. Stress might follow because of the different workout routines and your body adjusting to working out.

When you include CBD in your workout routine, it can also help with mitigating stress. Hence you will be relaxed and will not be anxious. A 2020 study review investigated whether CBD could attenuate the effects of stress. CBD did decrease cortisol levels. Therefore, CBD may potentially ease the harmful effects of stress in daily life by affecting cortisol levels.

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CBD and Working Out: Conclusion 

CBD and working out can be used together and help you take charge of your health in the New Year. 

Many New Year resolutions fail and we resort to our old habits. But having success with your 2022 resolutions isn’t impossible. All you have to do is first write down your goal for the New Year, put a detailed plan on how to achieve it, start small, and get a support system.

Besides your family and friends, CBD can be a great support system. It may help, plus support your New Year fitness goals by reducing muscle soreness, inflammation, aiding in muscle recovery, sleeping better, and as a stress and anxiety reliever.

Remember that change is a process and you won’t achieve your fitness goals overnight. 

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