Baby Boomers are Starting to Use CBD and Here’s Why

Baby Boomers are Using CBD: Here's Why | fabuleaf

Baby boomers, known for their dramatic impact on consumer buying habits, are now leaving their mark on a surprise industry—CBD.

While many analysts intuitively tag the adventurous Millennial generation as a market leader, the facts are in: baby boomers are using CBD.

Leading what some call “the Greynaissance,” new research has reversed the effects of anti-cannabis advertising that once stoked hesitations amongst this generation. The explosive trend is further underscored by a study revealing 83 percent of respondents born 1946–1964 have used some form of cannabis product.

Spurred by generational hotshots like Martha Stewart and Melissa Etheridge, Baby Boomers are turning to CBD in a variety of forms, ranging from oils to edibles.

Some envision baby boomers as a generation of elderly, but the modern 55-year-old is anything but the age-old trope. On the youngest side of the spectrum, they’re parents of tweens, energetic entrepreneurs, and lacing up for their first half marathon. On the eldest end, they’re busy with grandchildren—still outspending Millennials, and spending a lot of time on the internet—like, a whole a lot.

When it comes to CBD, baby boomers are leading the online conversation too, remarking both on their personal experiences or fielding positive-leaning questions about CBD’s possible applications. While Millennials appreciate CBD’s organic qualities and potential support for fitness-related activities, baby boomers explore potential benefits that may result in a decreased reliance on medications prescribed for everyday ailments. Additionally, boomers flock toward products that can help promote vitality and an overall sense of wellbeing.

What should Baby Boomers Look for in a CBD Product?

In recent years, CBD research has uncovered promising findings. Many of these studies focus on what is known as Full Spectrum CBD. As opposed to stripping down the plant for its flowers or seeds, Full Spectrum CBD products utilize the whole hemp plant. They’re loaded with a bountiful bouquet of beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and other compounds that team up to provide an abundance of positive benefits. CBD experts call the power of this ensemble the “Entourage Effect”—meaning each and every compound work together to deliver a combined effect greater than the sum of its parts.

A Few Ways Baby Boomers Can Use CBD

There are many ways baby boomers can take advantage of the powerful Entourage Effect to gain a new and refreshed outlook on overall wellbeing. Here are four potential ways this generation can use and potentially benefit from CBD:

Add CBD into a skincare regimen

Free radicals are a ceaseless foe of supple skin and lead to premature sagging and wrinkles. CBD Oil is rich in flavonoids and antioxidant properties studied for their ability to neutralize free radicals. Topical Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Oils and creams can be used as a face mask or serum to potentially diminish the common signs of aging and enliven skin tone with a revived glow.

Ease Sore Joints and Muscles

As we age, what used to feel like normal everyday activities such as cooking or cleaning can add to extra muscle wear and tear. That’s why it becomes even more important to support and care for our muscles as the years go by.

Try easing shoulder strain after a stressful day with CBD-infused creams. Combined with gentle stretching, nightly application of a rich, buttery smooth CBD Cream may help calm the day’s irks. You can also use droppers to integrate CBD into your daily life. It’s an effortless way to administer CBD under the tongue, or add a few drops into juice or a glass of water.

Overall Balance Support

Tight muscles have more than a physical impact on our bodies. A gnawing wrench or knot can contribute to sleepless nights and reduce overall vigor.

One of the key interactions of CBD is with the endocannabinoid system, a special system in our bodies that indicates when we’re out of balance. The endocannabinoid system alerts us to issues like hunger or thirst and suggests we eat a snack or have a drink of water.

When our systems are out of balance, we can experience trouble sleeping. Instead of drifting soundly to sleep, our bodies send signals that keep our brains busy or remind us of nagging pain. Using a Full Spectrum CBD Softgel daily can help guide your body back to its natural state of homeostasis and usher in a sense of relaxing calm.

For many, aging can be an unforgiving process rife with new aches, twinges, and pangs negatively impacting the outlook you can bring to your everyday life. But baby boomers aren’t resigning themselves to the rocking chair; they’re looking for ways to face these new challenges with vim and vigor. CBD studies continue to show optimistic findings that may help baby boomers experience life to its fullest.

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