4 Things to Learn About fabuleaf™

fabuleaf™ is a healthcare company whose mission is to provide safe, consistent, efficacious Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD products. We also strive to provide education on what CBD is and how it works on the Endocannabinoid System to allow you to reach and maintain optimum performance and feel the best you possibly can, naturally!

fabuleaf™ FOUNDER Improving CBD Education

Leah Gregg

The founder of fabuleaf™, Leah Gregg has over 20 years in the pharmaceutical arena, specifically diabetes, and has witnessed firsthand the potential side effects certain prescription drugs can cause. She also experienced the challenges of working with insurance companies to make prescription drugs affordable.

Leah has personally experienced the benefits of CBD, at 57 years of age, she regularly takes CBD and that’s it, no prescription drugs! After spending a year thoroughly researching CBD, Leah was convinced she could offer an alternative to potentially risky, high-cost prescription drugs and launched fabuleaf™. She even started a podcast that you can learn more about here. Click here to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Leah Gregg CEO and Founder of fabuleaf™ the manufacturer of Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products Hand Harvested, Cruelty, Pesticide, Herbicide and GMO free.

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