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fabuleaf™ products are organically grown by our bioscience team who control the entire supply chain.

This allows fabuleaf™ to provide safe, therapeutic, and effective products, consistently.

We only use the flower of the plant, where the trichomes are and all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are formed exclusively in the trichomes.
We only hand-harvest our plants, keeping the trichomes safe and intact.

The medicinal value derived from the cannabis plant is dependent on the preservation of high-quality trichomes on the flower.

Our exclusive single source 1,100 acre partner farm in Colorado, USA is registered and certified.

fabuleaf™ products are from Seed To Sale. It’s important to know where your CBD products come from!

fabulaef™ offers full transparency and third party testing documentation for our full line of Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products | fabuleaf™ CBD Products are Hand Harvested, Cruelty, Pesticide, Herbicide and GMO free.

Full Transparency
Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Products

Our full-spectrum hemp flower cbd products are third-party tested by a reputable third-party testing facility to ensure we are meeting our rigorous quality control standards and to provide you with complete transparency so you are confident knowing exactly what you are getting in each and every container.

All fabuleaf™ products have a lot number, expiration date, and a QR code on the container and outer packaging that will take you to the third party lab results.

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